Mini MBA in Management
Module 4

Language of Accounting

financial levers / financial goals / planning processes / reporting

As important as it is to master the language of the boardroom, there’s another kind of communication that will help you make the transition from marketing to management – the language of accounting.

In your second module with Moira, you’ll develop a better understanding of how things like common financial levers and risk management mitigants enable companies to deliver their commercial objectives.

You’ll learn this through three key components: firstly, by discovering how to make short and medium-term financial goals, that fit with company strategy, through clear planning processes and proactive reporting systems.

Next, you’ll explore some different treasury management tools to help make sure there’s always enough cash on hand to deliver corporate objectives, while also introducing some common financial risks that can plague any sort of business.

And, lastly, Moira will show you the connection between financial management and commercial decision-making in a few key scenarios, including go/no go product launch decisions, pricing, discounting decisions and customer acquisition strategies.