Ritson’s Mass Consulting Rally

Ritson’s Mass Consulting Rally

Most of you know Mark Ritson as the creator and professor of the Mini MBA courses. Mark has also spent the last 25+ years consulting for global luxury brands including Dom Pérignon, Moët and Louis Vuitton.

On 26 March, Mark attempted a world-first Mass Consulting Rally. Thousands of marketers came together as Mark led them through a series of diagnostics to work out exactly what they should focus on for marketing success in 2024.

You’re in luck! The session is now available on-demand, and we’ve included links to the worksheet so you can listen along and complete your own marketing diagnosis, led by Mr Ritson himself.

In Mark’s words, “prepare to have your pain felt, your challenges identified, your direction directed and your marketing improved. For the sensational one time price of f*** all.”

Download the format that works best for you (we recommend Excel):

Excel Dingus

Google Sheets Dingus

PDF Dingus

If you have any questions or need any help, reach out to our team here.