Mini MBA in Management
Module 3

Financial Management

language of finance / balance sheet / income statement / cash flow statement / financial ratios

If you sometimes struggle to speak the complicated language of the boardroom, or wish you could communicate more confidently to your financial colleagues, this module will make a huge difference.

Professor Moira Creedon is here to demystify the language of finance, chiefly by explaining the nuts and bolts of three key financial statements: the balance sheet, the income statement and the cash flow statement.

You’ll be learning what messages and insights can be found with a more astute interpretation of these statements and how decision-making can improve by understanding what’s contained in them.

You’ll also learn how to answer key questions about a business by interpreting common financial ratios, while identifying the links between the language of finance and shareholder value – all in reference to real financial statements from well-known companies such as RyanAir, Facebook and Tesla.