Mini MBA in Management
Module 7

Supply Chain

efficiency / frameworks / supply chain dynamics

In today’s super-fast business environment, a well-managed supply chain can make all the difference. This module, led by Professor Gad Allon, will introduce the skills and knowledge you need to streamline that supply chain and run a more efficient, and more profitable, operation.

To start, Gad will take you through the dynamics and complexities of a supply chain, covering everything from people and entities to information and delivery.

You’ll learn how supply chain decisions are connected to both business strategy and the end-user experience – helping you form a better understanding of what makes a good supply chain and what frameworks allow you to make strategically-sound decisions, every time.

Gad will also introduce common supply chain dynamics, including how to deal with risk across various e-commerce and bricks-and-mortar businesses. Finally, all of this will be put into practice as you get to experience managing a supply-chain in your very own bakery.