Mini MBA in Management
Module 10

Conscious Capitalism

benefits and limits of capitalism / four key pillars / social change / economic gain

This module will persuade you that the old idea of ‘business as usual’ is absolutely no longer an option.

Led by Raj Sisodia, you’ll be encouraged to reflect on the benefits and limitations of a capitalistic society, as we’ve known it for the past 200 years – before making a compelling case for Conscious Capitalism.

You’ll be introduced to the four key pillars of Conscious Capitalism: The Why, The What, The Who, and The How, as Raj asks you to consider the role a leader can – and must – play in shaping a more conscious approach to business.

You’ll also be presented with compelling evidence that conscious systems actually work, both in terms of driving economic gains and producing social change – while learning how to create a culture that values transparency, authenticity, and accountability.