Mini MBA in Management
Module 6


innovation S-curve / market disruptors / strategy

Everyone seems to be talking about innovation, and yet not many people seem to agree on what it should mean for business. Fortunately, Professor Annamaria Conti will use this module to help define once-and-for-all what innovation is – as well as helping you explore the strategy, systems and culture needed for any organisation to actually achieve it.

By looking closely at why some innovations fail and why companies need a strategy of innovation, Annamaria will introduce the concept of an Innovation S-curve, encouraging you to consider what stage in the S-curve your company is at, whether it’s steep enough or if you’re even on the right S-curve in the first place.

Finally, you’ll learn to put all the pieces of the puzzle together, discovering what you should do when you encounter disruptors in your market: beat them, join them or wait them out?