Yakult Mini MBA

Yakult Mini MBA

In 2021, Yakult Europe came to us with a simple challenge – they believed in improving and investing in their team and asked whether we could help them out with the Mini MBA in Marketing.

The Mini MBA in Marketing is designed for marketers of all backgrounds, nationalities and educational levels, giving you the necessary tools to do your job to the best of your ability. The program has been completed by 20 Yakult employees, including people that work in Germany, Italy and Austria all coming together.

Yakult expressed how they realised that they needed to share a common language across the marketing teams in Europe in order to perform their jobs better and how the Mini MBA helped them to do just that.

“It gave the platform for us to come together, implement the insights that we have gathered and speak about marketing as a driver for business strategy,” they said.

Yakult is a big global brand that has been established for 85 years, specialising in bacteria science, gut health and healthcare in general. Over 40 million people consume their product everyday.