Teams / Bespoke training FAQs

  • Which course is best for my team?
    • Mini MBA in Marketing
    • Built on the core MBA-level marketing lessons taught at top business schools, this course will help you perfect the crucial core concepts of marketing from research and targeting to pricing and distribution. Find out more →
    • Mini MBA in Brand Management
    • A slice of second-year MBA study, the Mini MBA in Brand Management takes you deeper into the topic of brand, from diagnosis through to execution and tracking. This is the best next step to becoming a top brand manager. Find out more →
  • Is there a particular order?
    • Not necessarily. There are several dozen students who have done the brand course first and then the marketing one second. It can be done in this way and still work well, but the ideal sequence would be marketing, then brand for a well-trained team
  • How can I customise my team’s training?
    • Work with our training team to customise your programme, from branding the learning journey to adding additional features and even building your very own bespoke programme. Tailor your experience with the following add-ons to make it just perfect:
      1. Put your stamp on it – customise the Mini MBA platform with your branding.
      2. Meet Mark – train your team with the man himself, both online or in person, depending on your needs.
      3. Make it your own – create content, modules and platform features specific to your company requirements, the industry you’re in and the team you’re part of.
  • How do you get the most out of the course?
    • By preserving a consistent business-wide approach to marketing, the Mini MBA provides a way to on board new team members and upskill established ones to ensure everyone has the same fundamental knowledge.
      • Study together – create internal teams to study and discuss the modules. Prepare questions on each module and ask Mark directly in the course live (you will be invited by the course training team to put forward a question to Mark to be answered within the interactive online Q&As).
      • Time it – diarise regular meetings within your group to collectively go through the videos. Discuss and challenge the learnings within a safe environment; place the learnings into your own business.
      • Build a leader board – praise your top learners and launch an internal competition on who is on track with the modules. A bit of healthy competition has never hurt anyone.
      • Monitor performance – receive regular reports on your team’s progress. Keep track of individual’s activity and module progression.


  • How much does team/bespoke training cost?
    • For group bookings we have price tiers based on volume; please get in touch with our training advisors at for more information. For bespoke training, we offer different ways of how to tailor the Mini MBA to your unique business needs, from platform branding to live keynote speeches with Mark. Please get in touch with for further information.
  • What happens once I’ve booked?
    • Once the booking has been successfully completed the following happens:
      1. Consultation – book a meeting with our specialist team to assess your training requirements and select the best Mini MBA product to match your company needs.
      2. Enrolment – all the ‘boring stuff’ that needs to be done; the team will sit down with your specialist to get the required paperwork over to you.
      3. Course Management – you will be introduced to our learning advisor to take you through the course delivery, schedule and structure.
      4. Evaluation – your team will be assessed on a weekly basis via progress emails, as well as at the end of the term through a non-mandatory written assessment alongside a course certificate.
  • Is it easy to book small or large teams?
    • Yes. All we need is a list of delegate names and their email addresses.
  • Can my team start the course anytime?
    • Courses commence in either April or September. Bespoke courses work around your requirements.
  • Can I book delegates from different locations?
    • Yes. We do this often for national and global companies.
  • What happens if my delegate list changes?
    • No problem at all. We will work with you to reallocate the place/s or defer to the next course.