Simplot Mini MBA

Simplot Mini MBA

Simplot is a great Australian organisation that predominantly operates in the food service sector and runs a portfolio of consumer brands including John West, Bird’s Eye, Leggo’s and Edgell.

Simplot’s core challenge is brand management and whilst they manage their brands well, they wanted to know they could manage them better. The Mini MBA in Brand Management is designed for marketers and brand managers of all backgrounds, nationalities and educational levels, giving you the necessary tools to do your job to the best of your ability. The program has been completed by 15 Simplot employees.

Simplot expressed how they realised that they needed to strengthen their brand management skills and apply them to the brands that they manage.

“The Mini MBA in Brand Management really set up for success and we actually now have a framework,” they said.

Simplot had the opportunity to tailor the the Mini MBA in Brand Management to be relevant to their brand and there’s no reason why you can’t do the same. Enrol your team onto the Mini MBA and reap the benefits of having a better connected, cohesive and efficient team.