Coles Mini MBA

Coles Mini MBA

We’ve partnered up with Coles to increase their marketing capability through the Mini MBA in Marketing.

Designed to broaden marketing skill and develop high-level strategic thinking, our 12-week program has been completed by more than 130 Coles marketing professionals, with a further 37-person cohort having commenced.

Coles Chief Marketing Officer Lisa Ronson said the course was designed to fit flexibly around work and personal commitments and complements existing team member experience and expertise.

“We’re partnered with one of the most revered marketing professionals in the world to offer a Mini MBA in Marketing course designed to fit around work schedules and equip our team members with best-practice industry knowledge,” she said.

“Our team are our most important asset and investing in their skills is central to our ambition to be the best marketers in the country by being customer obsessed.”

Mark said he was delighted to partner with one of Australia’s largest businesses to consult on best-practice marketing strategy and process.

“When I created the Mini MBA in Marketing it was apparent that we needed forward thinking, advanced marketing companies to partner with. I was delighted when Coles emerged as one of the first Australian businesses to express an interest in training their people on the program,” Mark said.

“Because we ran the whole team through the program at once it was possible to take a more specific focus on their business and to ensure the whole team came out with a common language and a common approach to marketing.”

Coles is one of Australia’s largest private-sector employers with more than 120,000 team members.