Camelot Mini MBA

Camelot Mini MBA

In April 2021, we collaborated with Camelot to increase their marketing capability as a team through the Mini MBA in Marketing.

The Mini MBA in Marketing has been designed to broaden your marketing skills and give you the necessary tools to do your job to the best of your ability, and our 12-week program has been completed by 22 Camelot members including people from their product team, the social and marketing team and their creative department.

Camelot’s Head of Marketing Communications Anna McInally expressed that doing the course was a fantastic opportunity and that doing it altogether gave all their employees a chance to grow in their own way and work together efficiently.

“The beauty of us cross functionally getting involved was that we’d end up with a common language,” she said.

Mark also conveyed that it was great to see a bigger team undergo the course together and consolidate what they had learnt and put into practice.

“One of the delights of working with a broader team is that you get to see them all going through the programme at the same time and interacting together,” Mark said.

Camelot is the company that has the licence to run the National Lottery in the UK, and they’re a commercial organisation that raises billions of pounds every year for the public good with over 1,000 team members.