Behind the scenes of the Mini MBA in Management

Behind the scenes of the Mini MBA in Management

Become the next marketing leader.

Over 12-weeks, ten professors lead by Helen Edwards (Adjunct Associate Professor at the London Business School with a PhD in Marketing and a leading consultant for global brands ), will be taking you through the fundamentals of successful Management. Each of the ten modules will focus on a key part of an MBA syllabus, from Organisational Behaviour and Finance through to Negotiation and Conscious Capitalism.

All marketers should (and very often do) reach a point where they walk the line between marketing and business management. This course is designed to help anyone who’s already earned their marketing stripes to learn what it takes to make it in the boardroom too.

In the role of architect, Mark has curated and created a course straight out of his own playbook that feels right at home in the Mini MBA family:

“I see this as a course that enables marketers to immediately become better simply by widening and deepening their skill set. And I also think it prepares you, perfectly, for leadership going forward. I could not be more excited about the structure of the course or the professors that will teach it.”

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