“Forget everything you think you know”

“Forget everything you think you know”

Brand Director | Moët Hennessy

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    • Mini MBA in Marketing

    • 18 September 2018
    • Mini MBA in Brand Management

    • October 2018

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course modules

Module 1

Market Orientation

Customer focus Business culture Predictive marketing How can you achieve more profitability and sales growth whilst steering away from a sales, product or advertising focused strategy? This lesson examines the breadth of business cultures and the core theoretical concepts of “market orientation”. We’ll also review extensive literature on how to build a marketing-oriented organisation.

Module 2

Market Research

Research design Qualitative methods Quantitative methods Backwards market research In this class, discover the basis of good market research, the differences between qualitative and quantitative and how to use the data to build a solid foundation for your marketing strategy. Learn the techniques of primary and secondary research, compare POETS and QUANTS, and define the […]

Module 3


Market mapping Demographics Firmographics Behavioural What is segmentation and why is it so crucial to marketing success? In this session, Mark will walk you through the main approaches to segmentation, while exploring the various available methods and their application. You will familiarise yourself with a framework for effective segmentation, and analyse successes and failures in […]

Module 4


Strategic decisions Mass marketing Target segment portraits Targeting criteria In this module, you will be taught how to consider the key issue of who you do and do not target. Mark talks through the core principles of segmentation as well as its importance to business success. Supported by real-life case studies, we’ll also examine the […]

Module 5


Brand position Articulation Disruptive execution Perceptual maps This session looks at the key strategic step of positioning. We’ll start by looking at positioning in its many guises and its importance to the marketing process. We’ll then explore the process of defining, mapping and most importantly, articulating your brand position to the market but also to […]

Module 6

Marketing Strategy

What is strategy? Strategy vs tactics Zero-based budgeting Leadership A capstone session in which we’ll look back at the key themes and learnings from the first six strategy modules and discuss what is and what isn’t strategy. We’ll also delve into purchase funnels, zero-based budgeting and SMART objectives. The course focus of this module is […]

Module 7

Product Development

Product diversification NPS Usability testing Co-branding Here we tackle the first of the 4 Ps, Product Development. What do we mean by “product” and what are the challenges of successful product or service development? We’ll look at the numerous touchpoints you have with your customer, discuss the value of NPS and product diversification, then finally […]

Module 8


Direct and indirect Channel conflict Retail price maintenance Omni-channel This module examines the core challenges of channels and implications of big retail; helping you to understand the pros and cons of direct and indirect distribution, and explores the issue of channel conflict through real-life examples. We’ll also discuss how to manage the “Rise of retailers” […]

Module 9


Price thermometer Four levels of profitability Volume vs Value Danger of discount This session explores the role of pricing in driving both external impact and internal profitability. We’ll look at the pricing thermometer (Dollan & Gourville), post-purchase perception and look at how to conduct reliable pricing research. We’ll also look at how some of the […]

Module 10

Integrated Marketing Communication

The S curve Profitability matrix Price setting Elasticity This module reviews the many different tools and approaches to marketing communications as well as exploring integrated methods to planning and the evolution of communication. We’ll also analyse the digital marketing landscape and define a step-by-step guide to a winning integrated strategy.

Module 11


Brand equity Brand management Brand health Commodification This lesson explores the notoriously slippery concept of brand, examining what “brand” really means and outlining the fundamentals of brand definition, from equity and management to brand health and tracking. We also look at employer branding, financial brand equity and most importantly, why brand is your organisation’s most […]

Module 12

Exam Workshop

Exam Next steps Having completed the exam, this debrief session is your chance to see what a “perfect” answer would have looked like. Find out how the grades were awarded and crucially, who was named top of the class. We’ll also tell you how to get hold of your certificate and what comes next….

course format

Course format

The MW Mini MBA in Marketing is a CPD accredited, MBA level course. Covering the same content and theories as the marketing core class taught on MBA programmes at the top business schools, but in just 12 lessons, it will give you the tools you need to do your job better.

  •   12 on-demand lessons covering the core MBA marketing modules
  •   Weekly interactive Q&A sessions with Mark Ritson
  •   Access to HBR and Marketing Week case studies
  •   MBA standard end-of-term assessment
  •   Flexible learning
  •   Mini MBA certificate and 28 CPD credits

Who is the Mini MBA for?

Marketers of all backgrounds, educational levels and nationalities, have benefited from the Mini MBA, with over 94% of our alumni feeling more inspired, 90% more confident and 95% more effective as a result.

    • Broaden your skills and move into wider marketing strategy.
    • Get high-level strategic lessons from one of the world’s leading marketing consultants.
    • Understand the strategy, structure and process behind winning marketing campaigns.
  •  L&D TEAMS
    • Give your marketing teams the knowledge, skills and confidence to be the best they can be.

who is Mark Ritson?

Professor Mark Ritson teaches marketing at Melbourne Business School.

Armed with a BSc and PhD in Marketing from Lancaster University, the UK’s oldest and most venerated marketing department, Mark has spent the past 20 years teaching marketing to MBA students at some of the world’s leading business schools, including London Business School (ranked 1st among international schools), MIT Sloan School of Management (ranked 5th among US schools) and Melbourne Business School, Australia (ranked 9th among international schools).

Not only has he taught on these prestigious programmes but his teaching has been widely acclaimed with Mark winning the teaching prize at each of these institutions.



You won’t regret it, it will give you a clear perspective on and tie together lots of marketing concepts and theories you thought you already knew, plus give you heaps of confidence!INSIGHTS DIRECTORZENITH

Highly engaging, hugely informative, entertaining and challenging, the course has changed both my own and my company’s understanding of marketing. A game changer for me.Marketing managerDavid Urquhart travel

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